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John Carpetsteen sits in for AT on the provebial DL

The Deadstein coverband farm system has been yielding some prospects for the past month as the Flemington Carpetsteen brings up it's third minor leaguer up to the major league Deadstein to fill in for someone in the lineup who is on the DL.  First it was Bill, them Michael and this week was John Carpetsteen filling in for league MVP, Andy Trister.  Never fear, Andy will soon be back but we put another one in the "W" column once again.  I thank everyone for giving these people the opportunity to experience the Deadstein magic firsthand.   Some people run, some people flock and the rest of us are.  I'm pround to be.

Too bad Kevin probably cannot relate to these "is Larry talking again?" ramblings above because of his hiatus resulting in his "hehatesus" but nevertheless I liked a lot of the clarity in his play as a result.  Hitting the bucket right on with confidence, a communitave ability that was above the conscious level.   Pretty impressive stuff.  He even played a good note, it was a "C" during the I Know You Rider. All kidding aside, I think Kevin really played well as so appreciated each and every note he played and the purpose behind them like I haven't for a long time, if ever.  People used to fear standing in front of his amp, but as much as he hate it hiatus-hehatesus or not, it sounded pretty good.  You'll hear the super richness of the bass on the most recent CD you received tonight.  I added way too much cream to that recipe.  Nevertheless at leasts it's solid wand works. CD contained Dark Hollow, Big RR, El Paso, Sugar Mag, Masons, Truckin, Death, Goin Down, Dew, NFA, Sunshine.  How is it?

Speaking of Mason's, wasn't it fun?  Played lots of songs, had the Great C-5 at the Taco joint before hand, that stuff is good.  Saw Dave in there and decided to eat and make Kev wait a bit but it was worth it.  We paled 18 songs anyway, and some of them long ones.  Hows the contrast on the setlist flyer Kev?   I used different setting for the top and bottom.  Send me urban fonts please.

We play next Tuesday, Rich is bringing a Chick Singer Terez to play with us next week.  I'm listening to the CD Rich played, produced and mixed of hers and it's pretty darn good.  It's a well put togther CD package with great grahic art, pretty girl who has a nice voice(s) and plays some pretty relaxing music. Almost a little Sade in the sound. Hey, did any of you know Rich plays guitar and has a valuable 1970 Martin?  Isn't that amazing that he plays guitar yet I have never seen him pick up one or even noodled one note on a guitar in all the years I have played with him.   Rich pick up a guitar next week just to satisfy my curosity.  Play a Waiting for Rain.  It his Stairway to Heaven on his CD.  Cello, flute acoustic guitar.   Nice sounding drum cymbal roll at the end.  Were did the thunder sample come from?  I've recorded my own. So Rich, does Terez actually know watch she coming to do and sing with next week.  Does she know Jack Starw? because I know Kevin does know Crest of the Horizon.  Nevertheless I look forward to it.  The last song has a futurist character with a warped, filtered bass rff that reminds me of Tony Levin.   It's tied in nicely to some type of world percussion type of thing and loops galore, cool stuff bouncing side to side in your head including "Shadows and Distance"  Hey, I should write for Rolling Stone Magazine.  Well, that's Rich's CD Terez with T. Therese Byrne who will be singing with us next week.  We should do a "Look Like-Waiting for Rain"  That's a little Terez joke. If I only put this effort into Tommy Banjo.

Till next Tuesday.

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