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Terez makes her Deadstein debut at jam #25 of 2002. Half way through and on target Amazing!.

Well it was another exciting, new and interesting night of Deadstein  To sum it, I got home, forgot the set list somehow, so I got the quick post, threw the 8-track in and I'm listening to the He's Gone, Trister harmonizing with Terez, I can't believe what I hear.  Sounds like 1974, filled with openness and beauty.

That's right, Rich introduced us to Terez, I commented on her CD that Rich produced of hers  last week and she came into the vortex that supposedly is Deadstein and survived and thrived.  Even calming the savage beast.  Actually, pretty impressive stuff by everyone, it's hard to believe how well we pulled it off.  Showed lots of maturity on our part.  Listening and rolling with the punches.  Too bad next week's our last week of some of our our new found maturity.  Just kidding Kev, actually the coherency of our communication seems unparalleled, but I guess even Kevin has to have fun.    Woo, the Forever Young is great, wow! Haunting. 

I'm having trounle writing cause I'm listning, besides being moron, you know what I mean?

Nevertheless, Terez, who sat in for the first night ever sounds simply remarkable, (have no fear).  I got the phenominal Dancin in the Streets going in my headphone and we went around on a vocal one time too many, Kevin should missed it and he didn't.  Just so impressive.  You hear him setting up for the change a quick loop is thrown in that he should have barreled through be he reacted and kept his wits about him.  I don't know but I think Kevin needs more life insurance.  I guess even Kevin has to have fun.

Besides Terez, I guess it's like Pele, Stu was our only guest.   He's become our new mascot and always great to see him.  Thanks for the Corona's

Great Dancin jam.  I got to remember the wind screen for the Neumman under the air conditioner.  Had the new hostile staff at Smash.  Giving us a five minute warning.  The guy couldn't get the Piano to work well in the PA, then he got the "Good Guy" and amazingly enough he got it working better than any one ever, with total control between room and monitors.  So they may be hostile but effective and isn't that what you want in a New Yorker?  Even with all this, we got a new killer tape, everything came out as it should and plenty of great material to work with.  Most importantly a great After Midnight cause it really is after midnight.  I'm telling you I really appreciate the luxury of a 8-track pipeline in one wire I got going tonight between my 8-track tape deck and digital mixer that got me listening to this with mixing capabilities in seconds.  Wow what and after midnight ending jam. with 32 seconds to spare.  Wow the first Deadstein ovation at the end of a night.  Pretty cool.

Till next Tuesday.

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