Smash Studios A


Standard Deadstein in Studio A for Larry's birthday set with lots of GarBand.

It was standard Deadstein in the Smash Studios A to pull off my birthday set a week late but not a weak week.  I was experiencing a nice summer cold during the set and hacking up lungs with every beautiful melody line.  Some how I survived and feel pretty good for it. 

There were no guests in the room and it was an easy evening with no taping.   In some respect that's too bad because cause there were moments to remember.

The big theme of the night was the mystical 432 as we all agreed to work with Kevin in seeking some type of non-Euclidean metaphysical mathematical space by tuning to A-432 Hz. All I know the low frequencies clear my sinuses, and that's not a bad thing.  Now I got to retune my ears and strings.

Except for a Don't Let Go that wasn't gonna materialize the night was pretty strong all the way through the Midnight Moonlight and Black Muddy River.   My communication with Kevin seemed just as good as last week except for the fact I could hardly talk but he seemed to be right there.

Just lots of hot stuff all sounding good.  Long Black Veil, Cassidy, Weather Report Suite slide, fixing the Love in the Afternoon and hitting it.   Thanks for indulging me with my birthday set, lot of GarBand to contend with and there is nothing wrong with that.

Till next Thursday.