Smash Studios A


A nice casual no taping night in Smash Studios

Another hot night of music in Studio A of Smash Studios.  Stu (Roy) was our only guest for the night and he was kind enough to get us all a tasty beverage so I thank him for that.  hey we are really coming into our own, playing comfortable and confidently sometimes with a little too much comfort and confidence.  We seem to have it together nevertheless.  Only did we faulter during the Picasso that took and couple of tries and a few stops to get through.  The Ship never made it to fruition but everything else came off well.

Trister was having speaker jack-amp problems at the end of Sugaree resulting in a premature end of set.  Somehow, it got fixed and we continued on for the second set.  The break gave us all time to enjoy some of the new amazing CD's I handed out.   This included the 5 CD set ofrom 4-25-02, 4-30-02, and 5-6-02.   The end of the Banjo era.  Also handed out were 11 of the songs from 6-25-02 the beginning of the Terez era.  There are some great sounding songs on that CD and we get her again next week.  So pull up your boots, watch your cussing, spitting and burping and get set for a big week of music on Tuesday.  lets get the setlist out by Friday night so we all have the weekend to practice and listen in preparation.

I didn't tape this night resting for the week ahead.  I just received my new Mackie MDR 24/96 24 track deck so let's see if it make it's premier next week.  There still prenty I/0 cards and wiring to buy but I may just be able to get it to work as an 8-tracker by Tuesday.

Till next Tuesday.