Carroll's 55th Street


It's A Buck Dancer's Choice My Friend

A giant crazy night of jamming at Deadstein in the communial rehearsal space of Carroll's. I got there at 6pm and ran in to Scott outside in the street before the jam as he was rehearsing with Rennie in the Studio next door. We haven't seen them since the spring. It was a big surprise. Woah!

We played a lot of music In total it was 3 hours and 3 minutes in actually music played. We hardly ever break the three hour mark, usually hovering around 2.5 hours. It started out big with a 23 minute Scarlet Fire and Andy ended his set with a 28 minute Throwing Stones Not Fade Goin Down Saturday Night Combination. Then in the second set we cobbled together a 47 minute Uncle Johns Band into the first half of Dark Star into the first half of the Other One followed by She Belongs To Me and ending this long medley with Touch of Grey. There was some really good jamming in there. I liked the Dark Star a lot. In between all the big stuff was lots of great small stuff culminating in over 3 hours of good fun music.

Freaks In and Freaks Out!