Carroll's 55th Street


An Old Core Four of SPOCS

It was a Core-Four night with Lee on drums with Rich on Keys, Kevin on his Rickenbacker Bass on Me with My Vintage Les Paul. We were set to rock and roll and tried to get things off on a groovy start with an After Midnight. I think it was better than usual, all things considered in the circumstances and things would probably only go downhill thereafter; so we thought. In relay there were better movement than the bad one remembered so we take the good with the bad and use it for good and not bad. We got there early so we took time to stretch songs out, play with them a bit, which sometimes left us in good places and other times, exhausted from the hunt. It was a total of 2 hours and 58 minutes of music which is a lot for an Old Core Four of SPOCS.

There were a few gypsy Django songs thrown in there, you never know if you don't try. Same with the John Brown, it's a sad song with a lot of meaningful word, seeking justice, which I provided none of during its epic journey. Crazy Love and Love in the Afternoon could have been some of the highlights of the night, showing how love has its way.

Freak Out!