Carroll's 55th Street


Embarking On Our 34th Year of Freakin' Jamming

As we play on the October 11, 2023, we harken back 33 years to 10/9/1990 when the first time Kevin and I played together with others in the style and format that has turned into our beloved institution known as Deadstein. Jam after jam, week after week we stay committed to what got us here, through thick and thin. It's been quite a ride we made for ourselves and somehow managed not to get off.

We started the night off in memory of October 11, 1983 when Kevin and I stood side-by-side on the wall, front-row right infant of Jerry at Madison Square Garden when he and the band pulled the gigantic St. Stephen out of their back pockets and elated the New York audience. One of the most exciting moments in my life. We paid homage to that great memory by opening our night with the same opening they did back in 1983, the Wang Dang Jack Straw. Then we forgot about the whole Garden show and went on our merry way. Lee and Mitch holding down the drumming while Rich was back with Andy so we had a full complement, a minion, so-to-speak, to fulfill our artistry.

While we went on our merry way, we cannot forget those who cannot go on their merry way due to the brutality out in Israel and the savage attack on Jews like we haven't experienced in our life times. It's a scary time and a scary place but like our memories and traditions from 33 years ago, 40 years ago or 5,700 years ago, we build upon what we know to keep moving forward, proud of what we can accomplish. It is these traditions and institutions that keep us strong and vital to go through and see another day, another jam and another year. Long live Deadstein, the Grateful Dead and the People of the World

Peace Out!