Carroll's 55th Street


Colin Fills In for Us As Jerry

With the beginning of the Holiday season it is getting tough to get everyone together. This week, facing the potential of me being the only guitar player and with Rich not gonna be there, Scott played one of his many cards and asked if a substitute guitar player was okay. I yielded and Scott invited Colin, who he had only met virtually on JamKazam. As Colin lives in the neighborhood, the issue of getting to us is non-existent. It was funny that it was the first time Scott or, any of us had met Colin, but we all played pretty well together as if we had met in another life.

Another aspect of the holidays was my sister and her family were in town, so she and her husband, Gene, were there for the whole jam and my brother Jay, and Nephew Eli joined up for the second set. Cool beans and a cool jam.

Freak Out!