Carroll's 55th Street


Intimate Jam With Giddy Lee

Lee was our only drummer for the night so he took the opportunity to let his limbs fly in all direction. Letting whatever hair he has left, out. I think it worked as his drumming was more relaxed than usual. For some reason he was a bit happier than usual, thereby the night's nickname of Giddy Lee. Maybe it was the blueberries in the short conical tails? I don't know, maybe it was the pizza the Carroll's dude gave us at halftime which we ate, ice cold, Rich stuffed the rest in his bag with what is likely to be a sturgeon.

We opened with a Jack Straw before Rennie arrived. It wasn't too comfortable as we were getting our feet wet. Rennie arrived right at the end of the Straw. The ensuing Jed was definitely slinky with its strutting southern drawl. The Monkey and the Engineer was slow but could have been good but Kevin just blew it apart never getting it. Sugaree always helps you get back to where you want to be and this was no exception. The exception came in the next two songs with the Good Time Blues (Never Trust a Woman) which I ended up singing as Rennie wasn't too familiar with it. The Lazy Lightning was a bit Lazy but helped us get practice with the song. I think it was too slow. The Abbey Road Medley attempt was a mess, I couldn't see the small writing on the iPad and it fell apart in the end, or at least before we got to in the end. Much like Sugaree, Althea has a way to get you back to where you want to be, though you were born to the a bachelor. We were back on track until the storms were coming again cause it was Lookin' Like Rain. I enjoyed playing the lead on this song. Tangled Up In Blue was Rennie's last song and the last song of the set, so we figured we would cram in as many words as possible.It was a bit chunky and not as smooth as I would have liked, but that's why you have to go to every show.

Rennie departed leaving the four of of and we took and extended break as we ate and didn't enjoy the aforementioned pizza. Inspired by a Stella Blue reaction video I watched just before leaving for the jam, I decided to sing and play a Stella Blue, I think it worked, trying to covey some of the emotion of the song. The standard That's What Love Will Make You Do had its own groove. He Ain't Give You None showed how 15 songs can seem like a Marathon. Kevin already assumed a seat for the whole second set. King Bee was one of the best songs of the night with a sultry bluesy feel. One More Saturday Night rocked s out of the room and that's all she wrote as Thanksgiving is upon us and the end of 2022 is looming with one more show in the Deadstein 2022 Bitter End residency coming up on December 14.

Freak Out!