Carroll's 55th Street


Back to Carroll's for Jam Time

The week after out Carroll's show found us back at Carroll's without Rennie or Andy and Lee and Scott on drums. I had a virtual meeting to attend between 6pm and 8pm so I was concerned I wouldn't be able to record whatsoever. I got there at 6 and went into my meeting, shut my camera, put my Ear Pods in my head and participated in the meeting while setting up the jam room. Somehow I got it setup for the guys and recording when I had to got speak/vote. They did an opening jam without me but I put mu guitar on right about 8:15 and got us going delving into a long Birdsong.

I was playing guitar, Black Epiphone Les Paul, all night and singing most of the songs. While most songs felt and sounded good there were many warts on them to chop them down a notch. I wasn't thrilled with my tone of my guitar but my singing felt more in time than usual, so where my guitar may have misled us a bit my singing somehow held us together. It's why you have to go to every show. I felt pretty good singing a quicken Masterpiece and the Brokedown seemed to have the same lilty feeling. Eyes of the Maker into Eyes of the World into Minglewood was one of the better highlights of the night.

Freak Out!