The Bitter End


Our Residency Continues With Good Music, Food and Freak

Deadstein plays its 2nd show at the Bitter End as part of this fall 2022 residency, occurring the 2nd Wednesday of the month September through December. We drew a nice crowd this night including Donnie who came down from MA sharing his bounty. Drew was pleased to finally meet him and share his own. Deadstein is always a lovefest. We had the food pot luck dinner to the right as Deadstein took the stage

Our first half of the show didn't have too much jamming in it but we did start with a rocker. Hell In a Bucket is definitely a way to propel your way into a set and it too us for a rude. We handled it well as the song was played with pretty good composure. The often played, but not by Deadstein, Shakedown was also a good choice. Most everything was a good choice with the exception of the Just a Little Light. We didn't do justice to that song and clammed it up good. Short of that, mots of the music was well played.

Once we started the Playing in the Band we never stopped. The setlist was shorter than expected by the time the clock rolled around to to 9:30, so instead of ending the nights with Sugar Magnolia, we extended the set with a Scarlet Fire. That whole ending of the show was appreciated by most and got the crowd moving. People seemed to really like the Sugar Magnolia Scarlet Fire. Don't Ease, never a crowd pleaser, was this crowd's pleaser to get out of there. Speaking of which, I left the USB thumb drive with the recording on it at the Bitter End and Scott had to pick it up for me delaying the mix and distribution of the music by a week. There's lot's of freak, friends, food and music going on at the Bitter End so it's tough to did it all right but we do it alright. Alright?

Freak Out!