Carroll's 55th Street


Four-Man Jam Proves We Can Do It Big and Small

With the Jewish Holidays in our midst, it was tough to schedule everyone. Drew was our only drummer available and and last gasp effort to snag Coffee Boy proved fruitless sending Andy back to the Nutmeg State and leaving us with a Core-4 situation. On drums was Drew with Kevin, Rich and I rounded out the band. I continued to play my Epiphone Strat for the second week in a row and it felt better this week, We kicked off the festivities with the Autumn Leaves while waiting for Drew the drummer to arrive. It was certainly fun at times.

We practiced a bit for the up coming Bitter End show. This included a nicely paced Touch of Grey which felt and sounded really good. We also play the Just a Little Light once again trying to get that under our belts. Tennessee Jed and Ship of Fools were nice. I wasn't thrilled with the Bucket or Scarlet to End the night, sometimes it's better to have a second guitar player,

Freak Out!