Carroll's 55th Street


Larry G and Andy Lead the Way

It was a tough week getting everyone together as the schedule was changing up to the last minute with individual schedule changes. This meant Scott and Rennie were out while Andy was in with Rich and Lee volunteered to play at the last moment when Scott declared he was out. We got it together and had a pretty good jam.

For the first time in a year and a half I decided to take the week off from video taping the visuals. I just recorded the audio and in a mistake due to this change, I failed to record the entire second set which was performed after Andy left. As Lee was excited about the Visons of Johanna Andy sang in the first set, being an obscure Dylan song, I decided to take on some of the more obscure Dylan songs in the second set. This included a really cool John Brown, Tomorrow is such and Long Time and I'll be you Baby Tonight. I am kind of bummed I don't have any of the music from set #2 but that is where we stand today. Musically I played my Jerry Tiger Clone (Rags the Guitar) while Andy played is blond Strat. Kevin wen through the Trace Elliot Amp Stack again, and the rest were normal.

Freak Out!