Carroll's 55th Street


Wednesday Night Small Jam

In comparison to last week when everyone as present and accounted for, this week's jam had us whittled down to our base components. This meant I was the only guitar player as Andy was out as was Rennie. I brought along my Rags the Guitar Tiger clone and it felt pretty good through out the night. I don't play it often so this was a good opportunity. Kevin was still playing through the giant Trace Elliott bass rigs they had for him and on tape. I think he sounded much better this week than last week.

Speaking of tape and recording, I missed the first three songs of the night with respect to audio recording as it was determined Kevin's hike behind the soundboard resulted in him stepping on my USB cable which connects the soundboard to my Macbook enabling recording. No USB cord means no connection between the two and no recording. We missed out on the Let It Rock, Queen Jane and Tough Mama, each played in a slower tempo than usual but lost in the winds of time. As such there were only 13 songs recorded, no many, wasn't the most prolific jam we have ever had. We had more train wrecks than usual but if you don't try you will never know if you would have reached a destination. We shall try, try again.

Freak Out!