The Bitter End


Rockin' and Playing Homage to 5-11-77

Deadstein's 2022 Winter Spring Residency is coming to a close at the Bitter End and May's show is our second to last with June 8 coming in under a month. This night seem to come without all the baggage the previous show had leading into it. There was little concern over the setlist or our ability to perform it respectably in front of a crowd. Our only real challenges were thought to be Big River, Lazy Lightning and Brokedown. In the end, this Bitter End gig, like most of ours was good, easy to play and enjoyed by our friends, family, fans and freaks alike.

The recording came from James the Soundguy and the Bitter End's sound board's multi-tracks. I mixed them at home and this jam, all the audio was pot on. No issues with any channel. The video capturing was also pretty good except I failed to hit record on my GoPro which is in front on Andy and I so I will be missing that view. On a semi-positive note, my side camera facing Scott, which I never positioned before came up with a 38GB corrupted .mdt file when I looked at it. Trying to recover the file I was giving up hope, I imagine Scott must have gone through this at some point in his life with a Panasonic camera, then I put the SD Card back into the camera, at the camera automatically fixed the file and I now have that angle, too bad the angle in and of itself isn't too useful. You got to keep on trying though. Too bad rich didn't get his camera going on the stage left pole. That would have been good.

Freak Out!