Carroll's 55th Street


Getting Together In Prep For May 11 Show Proving to Be Tough

Well Scott and Rennie were back from last week and Andy was scheduled to be back but he was a last minute scratch. We have been plugging through many of the songs for the May 11 Bitter End gig, but Andy hasn't been there for any of them, so it's been a hollow experience for me a bit as I'm not really getting my Bob preparation in as much as I would like, but these are songs were a very good at and I am sure we will rock them at the Bitter End. Additionally, both Lee and Rennie were having to leave by 9:30, so the end of the night was a rather svelte crew. Small or not, the quartet at the end turned out to be a lot of fun, giving Rich as much of the singing as he and we could bare. The night was fun

We has major technical recording issues and after the fact, I feel fortunate to have come out of the experience with a worth while recording. First of all, the overhead on Lee's drum kit was blank. At least he was there only half the night. I did split the kick drums wide apart and centered Scott overhead in the mix so it was good enough. At the worst for two songs early on Scott's overhead mic was facing the ceiling. Also messed up was not recording any of my vocals. I was able toto record those at home so the recording was just a vacuous space a points. I think that worked well. On the video front, most of the first set camera shot of Rich was lost and I had to dub in some file video footage into the video mix. As Kevin said, Anyone got a problem with that?" stating these songs are perfectly good enough for Deadstein playing the Bitter End, and he is right. Finally, I played my Ibanez semi-hollow body, which is not a good lead guitar, so I was challenged through the night. The guitar head-dives too much to be comfortable. I was thinking I would play that at the gig, but after this week at Deadstein, I am leaning against it. Probably gonna play a Stratocaster.

Freak Out!