Carroll's 55th Street


Rehearsal for Next Weeks's City Winery Show

01 Black Throated Wind.mp3

02 Rubin and Cerise . . . x.mp3

03 Rubin and Cerise.mp3

04 How Sweet It Is . . . x.mp3

05 How Sweet It Is . . . x.mp3

07 x . . . How Sweet It Is.mp3

08 Catfish John.mp3

09 Easy To Slip.mp3

10 That's What Love Will Make You Do.mp3

11 Looks Like Rain.mp3

12 Birdsong.mp3

13 Don't Let Me Down.mp3

14 When I Paint My Masterpiece.mp3

15 Loser.mp3

16 El Paso.mp3

17 Dire Wolf.mp3

18 It's All Over Now.mp3

19 Duprees Diamond Blues.mp3

20 MIssissippi Halfstep.mp3

21 Dancin' in the Streets.mp3

22 Jack Straw.mp3

On the heals of the triumphant Bitter End show, it was tough to get too excited about playing the tunes to practice for the upcoming City Winery show. Most of the songs we plan to do are in our bread basket and the one that isn't, Rubin and Cerise, was substituted for an easy Birdsong. The rest of the practice was for our guests including Alissa, Alyssa, Adam and KC, who are all slated to join us at the City Winery at some points. In the end, Andy left with his Creamy Stratocaster after the first set closing Birdsong leaving Adam and Alyssa there with me playing 3rd fiddle?

For the second set we dove away from our planned practice routine and headed into some Beatles songs as Get Back documentary was still on our minds and what-not. Additionally, I was tryng to find countyesque songs that would go well with the fiddle. All-in-all, there were lots of songs some how played, I can't say it gave meany more confidence for the City Winery show, but I can do what i can do and the rest will fall into place where it will.

As far as instrumentation, I had my Les Paul, Andy had his new Strat as his Ibanez is being refretted. We had Drew and Scott on drums and the violin was plugged from it's pickup directly into the Board. As far as the recording goes, some how Scott's overhead drum mic was not recorded. Fortunately, his vocal mic was pretty hot and picked up more of his drums than usual, so I boosted that mics, and that's what we got. Time to move on and . .

Freak Out!