The Bitter End


Deadstein at The Bitter End Rocks the Village

Tuesday night in the city, sounds like a typical Deadstein week, but this was no typical week. On this 3rd night of Hanukkah, Deadstein found itself headlining the inaugural "Deadville" at the historic Bitter End. Scott acted as Deadstein's Rubin Kincaid and got us the gig. While it was touch and go in the weeks leading up to it, with the show being pushed back a week, Deadstein managed to bring a good crowd in to watch us do our thing.

The line up would have Rennie on vocals with Lee and Scott on drums, as Drew was rotated out this week. I had donning my new Les Paul Tribute while Andy was showing off with his new Stratocaster. Rich was on keys and Kevin held up the bottom end.

Understanding our sonic mess we had going the last time we played at the Bitter End, we were trying to avoid the same mistakes. We set Kevin up on stage right next to Rich with Andy and I on stage left. While the stage volume and mix wasn't perfect, it was much better than outlast gig there and it was a workable situation.

From the first notes ofMusic Never Stopped we sounded good a solid as a band. The start of songs seemed to go off well as we didn't stagger into too many of the songs. When the clams were there to spit out their fishy mess, the sweet butter and lemons of the momentum of the rest of the band was enough to turn lemons into lemonade and clams into clam juice. In any case, the music was solid, and way beyond good enough for a venue as we were playing in. The eight song first set was just over one hour and was filled with lots of intense hot jamming and showcased the Deadstein musical experience. The short first set gave us time for a quick mingle with friend and it was back to the show.

Scarlet Fire is a great was to open a set and this one felt pretty good for us. It was smooth, good transition and Fire had a nice flow to it. We did a very nice estimated and the He's Gone gave us our only true relaxing moment of the show and it was quiet and open. I think as much as we don't want to put people to sleep, the easy quiet movements shine and provide nice contrast to the rest of the jamming. I think we needed another 2 ballads in the mix. With that said, when we went into the Truckin', you could see the energy of the people spark up so the contrast worked nicely there as we delivered a better than usual version of Truckin'. The Wheel was the end of our so-called setlist which I abruptly ended with a clamy Saturday Night.

To close out the night we played a few songs off the list and the cuff and pulled them off great. This included a Bucket which was being called by Lee's Sherri. We had Marty, a guest singer for the US Blues who did a great job with us and the Stranger was a great was to put a cap on the evening. WhenI went to get the USB of the memory stick from Jay the sound guy, he told me it would cost $120 for the multi-track recording. I got $20 from Lee, Scott and Kevin, I kicked in the rest and feel it was worthwhile. We played well and the recording was solid and produced a great result. Got some more shows for the Fall tour and then. .

Freak Out!