Smash Studios A


Rich rejoins us after his sojourn in eastern Long Island

It was back to high-five Deadstein again last night as Rich returned from his annual trip out east.  While he had a scratch in his throated he had a hop to his step.  Stu was our only guest of the night.

We had some big epic jams such as the Slipknot! and Birdsong.  The Birdsong jam was so big that Rich was able to sing the first half of the song, go downsatirs meet a friend outside and come back to where he left the song, not missing a meaningful note.  I thought the Sailor Saint was pretty respectable though Andy thinks it was a disaster. Now Franklins, that was a disaster.  Some songs just seem impossible to throw up such as a Miracle and the That's What Love Will Make You do.

I got there late, setup within an hour and got a pretty good tape.   I used 5 mics for the drums, which is a record and the toms will have a nice ping-pong effect to them when you hear the CD.  Ferdinando knew my name at the beginning of the night which I was impressed about.  He really is a nice person and he did a nice job setting us up, getting us music stands, etc.

Till next Wednesday.