Smash Studios B


12-year anniversary jam ironically doing lots of Beatles

It was a Deadstein 12-year anniversary jam and it was a skeletal crew in room B of Smash without any guests except some German guy watching the Simpson's in the the hall.  Notice my day-planner displayed below that shows the 6:30-10-30 jam scheduled on 10-9-90.  I also saw Pavorotti that Friday and couldn't play on Wednesday cause my monthly SWAC meeting on Wednesday.  Also notice that there was a Dead European Tour coming.  Just goes to show some things change while others stay the same.

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Only Kev, Dave Rich and I were present in Room B.  Rich had a new Keyboard provided, Dave seemed to like the drums, not the cymbals, Kev's amp was moved close to the drums and I had a choice of two shitting amps, the Achilles heal of Studio B.   Besides that it's a good comfortable room.

Lots of traffic so I got in just at 7:00 but was set up ready to play the first song by 7:45 with a full taping regalia.  The smaller room and cooperation of the band really make it easy for setup and take down. 

It was a most fortunate evening in that Rich and I stopped at Broadstreet so Rich could give me an unreliable Mackie CR1604-VLZ 16 channel console.   While it does work it does have unreliable bussing as related to all the all the on-off buttons and assigning them to the mix or the bus.  With a little research I think I will find that this happens to lots of these boards and it needs a new ribbon cable.  That what preliminary research has turned up so far.  It does work though and is perfect for me so Thanks Rich!!!  I'll take the next broken one also.

I played drums during Here There Everywhere and Strawberry Fields while Dave played guitar.  We didn't end up doing this Beatles stuff as well as we did several weeks ago.  probably because of the unverified Beatles songs downloaded at the last minute that where not corrected by me so we got lost too many times on exactly when and what to do.  It was also really tough for the older eyes to read the fine courier print with the low lighting in Studio B

Till next Thursday or Tuesday still to be confirmed.