Smash Studios A


Terez joins and entire band for a fun night in Studio A.

It was the whole band back again including the return of Terez so it made for a fun and fulfilling evening.  Terez was out for blood as she was wearing her Gene Simons Kiss boots  just to make it difficult to use the squatty music stand provided by Smash.  The irony of it all couldn't go unnoticed.  Most of the Terez songs went very well.  We had good write ups, did several double takes and terez had a good mix in here headphones.  All this spelled fun as we played well together.  I hope the tapes prove to be as good.  My first listen last night unfortunately had way too much drums in Terez mics.  A real misfortune in that It will imit what I cant to to enhance that track.  Neverthheless, good music outweighs bad production any day of the week, so I look forward to a good CD.   If terez wants to redo any of the vocals I'm will to save them and do them with her.  these versions may be worth it. 

Kevin had a technically moment of clarity during the After Midnight.  Dave never got to play guitar on the While My Guitar Gently Weeps and kevin took a taxi home.  Who would have thought the two had anything to do with one another, but there you have it.  I guess we shot our loads, ooops, sorry there's a girl in the band, with our first two versions.  Three times in a night.  Come'on Dave we are not from Havana.   We played it really well though.

Till next Tuesday.