Carroll's 55th Street


Dress Rehearsal for 9/1/21 City Winery Grateful Album Release Show

01 Feel Like a Stranger.mp3

02 Mississippi Halfstep.mp3

03 Cassidy.mp3

04 Terrapin Station.mp3

05 Ramble On Rose.mp3

06 Deep Elem Blues.mp3

07 Women Are Smarter.mp3

08 Althea.mp3

09 Walk In The Sunshine.mp3

10 Mister Charlie.mp3

11 Music Never Stopped.mp3

12 Brokedown Palace.mp3

13 Don't Let Me Down.mp3

14 Ballad of John and Oko.mp3

15 Tomorrow Never Knows.mp3

16 Come Together.mp3

17 Things We Said Today.mp3

18 Hey Bulldog.mp3

19 In My Life.mp3

20 I Need You.mp3

21 I Got A Feeling.mp3

22 One After 909.mp3

This Monday night jam was meant to be rehearsal for the City Winery gig in 2 days on September 1, 2021. Most people were there who will be playing at this album release gig, including all three drummers and Andy. He borrowed by new envelope filter to check out and us for the show and it was sounding good from the first moments of Stranger. We were set up like we will be at the gig and we were playing within ourselves on songs we know well. We therefore we were sounding good if not a bit boring but a sweet sound for an audience.

Second half of the night we let Bob and Rennie song plenty of stretches on the Beatles as many had left by then including and and Drew. I was impressed with how we pulled off most of those songs and they were a lot of fun playing.

For the second week in a row I only captured the night using my Zoom 2-track recorder so the quality of the recording isn't quite what we are used to but it is a pleasure to take a break but I do miss the high quality recordings. Next on the agenda is another show and this time we are moving out west to the West Side at the City Winery.

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