Carroll's 55th Street


Back In Carroll's Felt Good

After having a week off getting paid to play to paying to play helped some of us realize why they call and work and why they call it play. While the paying gig was fun, it was arduous and seemed so difficult. These week at Carroll's felt so effortless. The sound in the room was nice and all seemed good.

For drumming we had Scott and Drew and Rennie and Andy filled out the rest of the crew as they typically do during a Deadstein jam.

We had the rarely played St. Stephen Eleven into Death Don't Have No Mercy which I think was better than could have been expected. The Scarlet Fire followed to close Andy's night out which was pretty big with lots of significant songs.

The second set where I play all the leads was also fun, at least for me, giving me a chance to strut some stuff and letting loose. Mountains of the Moon -> Come Together is never expected. Closing the night out with a Deal in 3 minutes without a second lead showed our appreciation to Jerry during the Days Between week.

Freak Out!