The Bitter End


The Bitter End Leaves a Bitter Taste

In our first public gig since the easing of the pandemic, Deadstein was back at the Bitter End for a long Grateful Dead set in front of a sold out house of friends and family. It was slated to be a great night as Deadstein was playing with Lovelight and no other guests for a full night of jamming.

We got there nice and early and the sound check seemed great and we sounded good on the stage. Comfortable enough for Scott and Lee to down some falafels before the show, where Kevin and I opted for slices.

We opened the set to a packed crowd eager to see us with an easy number for us, Mississippi Halfstep, but from moment one of the real gig, the stage mix was terrible, I couldn't hear, play and/or understand and fight through the too large of a sound for us. It was a total mess without any ability to articulate anything. I was just plowing my way through all night, knowing the music in and of itself was no good, though the audience seemed to love it and we finished up to rave to half filled house and reviews. The over one-hour closing medley was a lot to endure for everyone involved. As of this posting, still hoping and waiting for the soundboard recordings to go with the video we were able to pull out of the gig.

Freak Out!