Carroll's 55th Street


Terez Surprises Us Joining Us for the Mid-First

Back in the big room at Carroll's studio 3 and we had Lee on the drums with Drew and Rennie sitting this week out. Surprising most of us was Terez, who showed up to sing a basket full of Terez songs in the middle of the first set. This gave us time to sing a song a piece before She showed with homemade banana bread in hand. Some how we all sound really good together as the sultry sweetness of the first set rolled through. Terez had to go leaving Andy with the raucous Scarlet Fire before he left us to eat the banana bread.

The second set left me playing leads, which is always fun starting with the Touch of Grey which I played a terrible lead. I think the Stop That Train was a big step up. It was pretty hot outside, and I just felt as if I never felt comfortable with my guitar in my hands as the frets were sticking to my fingers. The have to keep battling through as Kevin knows all too well. If you listen to his rendition of the Brokedown to close, I think you would know what I am taking about.

Once again, I guess as usual even though I can never take it for granted, the recordings all seemed to work with respect to audio. I still haven't seen any of the video footage as of the writing of this post but I hope it is somewhat good and usable. Always appreciate Nelson from Carroll's in helping us out, getting us whatever we want. Andy got his Twin, I get my wires and we get a better quality production.

Freak Out!