Carroll's 55th Street


I Love Freak and Music

As the week's poster rebusly states,"I Love Freakin' Music" and it is so true. The gift that keeps on giving and challenging. Back in Carroll's and things are getting back to normal. There was traffic getting in so both Kevin and I were late. Fortunately for us, Nelson was clutch and kept our set up from last week intact and therefore that saved me the time I lost in traffic. Nevertheless, I was hitting go on the Aiko-Aiko until 8:15, when all was said and done.

The added time to set everything up was all worth it this week as all the recordings worked. Due to the exact setup as last week I was able to tweak some angels for the video footage a got some better stuff.

As things get back to normal I begin to call crap tunes to get them into the rotation as Andy asked"Does any really like Aiko" before we started, but it worked for us this week. Continued into that late 80's-90's Grateful Dead openings with the Hot Bucket. Rennie carrying us through tunes like that help us give it the gusto it deserves. Once again Andy Bemoaned the ChinaRider which Deadstein was to play next but I wanted the opportunity to use some of the riffs I learned for up coming Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock which I found so suitable for ChinaRider. It was worth it as I think I able to bring ChinaRider to a better level, at least in my world. Andy sang the Rhapsody which was a smoker and then he successfully hijacked the the Wheel which was to follow Uncle Johns and segued us into a surprise Help on the Way Slipknot! Franklins. Drew had been asking us to work on a HelpSlip Franklins so we could play it, yet we never worked on it. Probably all for the better because this was one of our best executed versions for decades. Bravo to Andy for the hijack and all of us for pulling it off. Even the transition seemed to flow beautifully

That was a good was for Andy to end his night as we delved into Jazz Camp song #2 for the night, "September Song" before continuing with the regularly scheduled program. I have to say I was please with the outcome of it. The Wheel Miracle Fantasy Wharf Rat was again a celebration of being back to a relative sense of normality where I feel comfortable calling the ordinary songs to get them into playing rotation. I even had the unmitigated gaul to call a Stir It Up, probably a mistake. Drew Call the Hot Stranger to close the night, always a Deadstein classic and next week we are back to back to back to weekly jams and the Wheel keeps turning.

Freak Out!