Carroll's 55th Street


With the World Scared to Death We Are Gratefully Alive

With corona virus on the mind and the world coming to a grinding halt, Deadstein still continues to move on. With Drew and Lee on drums, Drew wanted to take the opportunity to invite his friend Erik Rabasca to join us as he explored the Jerry persona throughout the night as I supported him on the Bob role. With Kevin and Rich also there, that was our cocoon of who knows who has what.

We tried not to let it bother us but I had a OEM meeting at 4pm just prior to leaving for the jam and rushed out of my house forgetting to pack my MacBook, a critical element in my recording chain. Without it, there was not multi-channel recording to be had and we were subject to an iPhone recording which Rich pulled off fortunately. At least it pressured the song list and it sounds good enough get through.

Stranger is always a good opener for us as it sets us up for success and launches us high up in the sky for the evening's jam and you know it's gonna be a long, long crazy night. We played a Halfstep with Erik a couple of months ago and to was good then and so was this one.

It's during a Deadstein Uncle River that you discovery jamming with is is like an endurance sporting event and you have to focus on you A-game or your gonna find yourself falling behind the peloton. The Birdsong is a much more relaxing experience. Somehow the Attics was better structure wise than could have been hoped for. Big stuff to end set #1 was the He Gone Other One Aiko and a stand alone Scarlett to close the first set. Big stuff.

Lee was thinking 3/9/81 Madison Square Garden throughout the night and we obliged him with the Deep Elem to open the second set. Erik called out the China Rider to follow and that was also pretty good. He wishes he had the China lead back for another try, as well as the Brokedown. Both good songs and the beauty of Grateful Dead music is the pressure to hit the lead at the time it is pitched to you, because that is the opportunity to swing.

As I was Freas off my most recent Frank Vignola Jam last night I wanted to try to get one song in, so I snuck in the Summertime which is great and hs so much potential but for th first 2 minutes of the song I was futzing with the iPad and music trying to get it displayed for Erik and Kevin. All I can say is it didn't help the song whatsoever. By the end we had to $hit together. Back to outer space we went with a nice satisfying Dark Star, it went long and far and came home to be a stand along Dark Star. Brokedown followed as wedded well on that one then We asked Erick if he wanted to quickly how us a song of his, so we threw him the old Deadstein version of his original No More Division. That was fun and cool and felt good like we made a good song. Except for Erik no one had any idea what it was supposed to sound like. Running from the window and out of time, we closed with the Bertha. Cleaned up, band went down in 2 elevator trips (social distancing) to face the zombie apocalypse on the streets.

Wash Your Hands then Freak Out!