Carroll's 55th Street


We Drew a Pair of Drews This Week

That's right, for the second week in a row we drew a pair of Drews, the Moss type and the Andrew type. All I know is it's a good draw. Besides that we had Core-4 Deadstein as they say on Gilligan's Island, "The Rest." Speaking of rest, Scott barely made it through the first set when his knee gave out and he had to take a break. It gave him the opportunity to sing a couple of songs while Drew played solo drums from the Ophelia on. he moved to Scott's kit during the Ophelia but jumped back to his for the rest of the night.

In the news, Corono Virus scare is all over and fist bumps were on call for the night. Drew procured individual snacks for each of us in an effort not to spread anything but the Freak in the Room. Got a busy week and not too much time to ramble because I have to ramble. Paradoxes abound.

Freak Out!