Carroll's 55th Street


Lovelight and Adam Join In to Make the Freak show Even Freakier.

01 Greatest Story.mp3

02 Greatest Story.mp3

03 Greatest Story.mp3

04 Walk In the Sunshine.mp3

05 Walk in the Sunshine.mp3

06 Playing in the Band.mp3

07 Look Like Rain.mp3

08 Mexicali Blues.mp3

09 One More Saturday Night.mp3

10 Cassidy.mp3

11 Cassidy.mp3

12 Liz Reed Jam.mp3

13 Love Me Two Times.mp3

14 Catfish John.mp3

15 Way You Do The Things You Do.mp3

16 Ramble On Rose.mp3

17 Brothers and Sisters.mp3

18 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love.mp3

19 Might As Well.mp3

20 We Can Run.mp3

21 Music Never Stopped.mp3

22 Night They Drove ol' Dixie Down.mp3

23 Comfortable Numb.mp3

24 Let It Be.mp3

25 Feel Like a Stranger.mp3

26 Hell In a Bucket.mp3

27 Truckin' China Doll Good Lovin'.mp3

Lovelight, Adam and the Rest of the Freak Show belts out a big one at Carroll's. I think two full bottle of Tequila were consumed and I don't think any Core members had a sip. Maybe Lee? Though we repeated several songs trying to practice for the 2/25/20 Bitter End Ace show, and boy do we need it, playing 29 songs for the night is very big under any scenario. Deadstein has definitely been giving the quantity effort as of recent, just got to move that quality quotient back to where we were a few months ago.

As previously mentioned, we experienced a rare repeat of many songs, not just week in and out but in the night's setlist. I can't say I think it's doing anything good but 2/25 will come and go and then it's time to get back on to that Grateful Ol' Bandwagon, if you know what I mean.

Some items of note include Rich being there for only a few songs at the beginning so all the keyboards you hear thereafter are played by me. That was fun and freaky in and of itself. Kevin talked about the Doors earlier in the night and we pulled and a Love Me Two Times with Me on Keys. Other non-Dead covers with me on the Keys included the Comftable Numb featuring Adam on the hot leads and then me somehow pulling off a very coherent Let It Be.

In total we had 2 hours and 53 minutes of music,huges as I said, so close to breaking the 3 hour mark but not there yet. Ot's gonna take some more songs with big jams in the to reach 3 hours, but we are getting there. As Lee said during the jam, "I am having so much fun!" More than that you can never asked for and the unbridled joys be exuded in the room these days is worth the journey. Who knows?

Freak In, Freak Out!