Carroll's 55th Street


Last Jam Before The Bitter End is No Ace

01 Autumn Leaves.mp3

02 Slow Train.mp3

03 Friend of the Devil.mp3

04 Loose Lucy.mp3

05 Black Throated Wind.mp3

06 Hard To Handle.mp3

07 Tennessse Jed.mp3

08 Queen Jane.mp3

09 Reubin and Cerise.mp3

10 Blow Away.mp3

11 Limehouse Blues.mp3

12 Estimated Eyes Minglewood.mp3

13 Minor Blues .mp3

14 Mississippi Halfsetp.mp3

15 Another Freak In the Wall Jam.mp3

16 Let It Rock.mp3

17 Just a Little Light.mp3

18 Golden Road.mp3

19 Cosmic Charlie.mp3

20 Eight Days A Week.mp3

21 Eminenence Front.mp3

22 Black Throated Wind.mp3

The is our last jam before the Bitter End Ace jam and we ended up playing without any guests and not playing any Ace songs. Additionally, Rich was later and Leff left for the second set. Just Kevin Rennie Scott and I were there for all the songs. I have to give Rich some slack as we did start around 7:30 and Rich got there before 8pm. This gave us lots of time to play a lot of songs.

As we have been having a real freak show recently with the Lovelight, Adam and all that accompanies that show, this week was the opposite, small and quiet and a bit peaceful. We didn't practice the SSce songs as we don't need the practice on with these songs, even though we did through in the Black Throated Wind as we hadn't played that with all the practice we've been doing. You know what, it was pretty good.

In lieu of the Bob songs I threw in a couple of Bob songs and three jazz-camp songs. All of it was nice to play. Reuben, Golden Road and Cosmic Charlie are rare numbers for us and were good all in there own ways. Finally, the Eight Days a Week and Eminence Front all proved worthwhile and the Black Muddy River was a nice cap on the big evening.

Come Join us at 7pm at the Bitter End on Tuesday Feb., 25, 2020. Freak Out!