Carroll's 55th Street


Practice Makes Better and Getting Better for the First Time

Getting ready and trying hard provides dividends. As we have the set for the most part called for and we were preparing for the November 22 gig coming up, I decided to give the setlist a whirl, practicing and rehearsal with the band for the night. It is not something we do too often, or even ever, so attempting it can be scary.

I had good discussions with Kevin and Lee before the set about how to play some of the songs, listening to the Dead and also adding the band to jam along with the Dead version of song before we went into playing it ourselves. I thought it sounded pretty good for what it did so I am pleased with the results and it gives us the foundation of wear a tight groove can hopefully one day be produced. It is all I am hoping for one day.

One of the Wall Street deadhead networking folks named Aaron was able to join us on his portable, foldable, hollow, acoustic guitar. Not that we could hear him too well, he played under his breath, kind of like the taming of the Falz, but we gave him the opportunity to call the songs for the rest of the jam after Andy left and it provided us some direction which was comforting at that moment. this week we had Lee on the drums, doing his thing, next week we have Drew scheduled to join us and until we freak again.

Freak Out