Carroll's 55th Street


This week in Crossfire, we have Drew on the left

Drew had a very tough week with the passing of his Dad but we had Deadstein to provide some strength love, music and fellowship at this difficult time. R.I.P. and forever be the Grateful Dead.

Drew was playing the left side of our Lee, Scott, Drew drum team this week, if we ever do make it to and LSD trio, watch out for some freaky music. Cool how the initials works out for that and Deadstein. We warmed up with a nice Getaway Promised Land then began to work on songs for the Tir Na Nog gig. I think our play showed why it was good to do these songs a bit before the gig, there was not terrific unity in play at times. I think the work on the Wharf Rat middles going to show some dividends. We played a lot of music , 2 hours and 52 seconds worth. The end of the night Wheel Finger Uncle John's was pretty good feeling at times. That's why we do it, and no matter how bad it feels at times, the music saves you in the end. Give it a listen, the highlights are brighter than the darkness of the shadows.

Freak Out