Carroll's 55th Street


29 Years Combined They Melt Into a Freak

Celebrating the 29th anniversary of Deadstein's first jam on October 9, 2019. That was a big jam and in this jam we worked our way through that original setlist which is a big effort being 29 years older. This jam clocks in at 2'55". Most jams come in about 2'30" so this was a great effort. Andy was there though the Let is Grow leaving me at the solo guitarist playing lead for the remainder of the night. Lee and Scott were the drummers for the night and Rich and Kevin rounded out the crew.

This being a Monday jam on the heals of a great Friday jam. This left us little time for recovery making this big jam that much more difficult. I played my Harley Benton PRS Clone for the first time in a while. It's good to have the website up once again and blogging./p>

Freak Out!