Carroll's 55th Street


Shabbos Jam - Small But Big

The website and blogging about Deadstein had been down sing April 3, 2018 and I finally figured out how to revive it on October 6, 2019 following the nice October 4 Friday Night jam. Carroll's has been getting busy and finding time to schedule and jam has been a bit more challenging but Deadstein finds a way. For this week it meant Kevin and I on Bass and Guitar supported by Drew and Sort on drums. This small cast of characters made some pretty good music throughout the night. Leaving the jam pertaining provided a really fulfilling feeling that we played well and hard and made some good music. The telecaster in my hands was about as comfortable feeling as I ever had playing a guitar. It felt good I got to some places I need got to and never thought I would. I think starting with the Way You Do the Things You Do Gets You off on the right footing when you have a skeletal crew. Freak Out!