Smash Studios R


Core -5 Deadstein in Studio R with a few guests.

We were in the Studio R of Smash Studios.   Standard Deadstein rockin' loud and relaxed.  Stu, some girl?, Gene, whose birthday it was and Donny H. were all guest for the evening.  Stu was extremely soothed by the controversial Franklin's which has been place on the ver-boten list.   It was tough getting this jam together.  The timing, Monday, Tues. or Wed was tough.  Trister was able to switch plans around to make it, cool.

I didn't record and it was a nice relaxing evening.  I ended up singing lots so lots for the night.  There was virtually no traffic and I met Kevin for a C-5 Steak and Beans and Rice platter before the jam.  We hung out with the apologetic, guilt ridden German before the show.  The amps in the room sucked.  Donny was figuring ways to screw the world with excel and PowerPoint during the jam and I sung about it during the Lost Sailor.

Don't forget to do a search on Virgils.  There was a Newschannel 4 TV interview on the other side of the glass to the control room adjacent to studio R and the interviewers were watch Deadstein do what it does the most.

Till next Tuesday at Carrol's with Coffee Boy and back to the double Drummer.  Get Psyched.