Smash Studios R


Studio R sounds good with Terez on a GOP Election Day eve.

It was Deadstein with Terez in the small but nice Studio R of Smash Studios.  Gene Foreman was our only guest and it was good to see him.  Got a good tape and had a pretty good night in Room R. Wish we had more songs but we are playing less more with some multiple takes, abortions and restarts.   Watch out, with the Republicans now in power we may not be able to say the "A" word ever again.

Trister had his newly refretted guitar ready for the Zeppelin he wailed on.  Speaking of wailing how about those Ahh-ahhh-ahhh by Terez on the Immigrant Song?  I really liked the Oh Darling.   It was cool.  Unfortunately, I didn't hit record for the Must Have Been the Roses and we'll never get to here Andy's rendition of it.  Besides that, good materials to mix over the next week..

It was a historic election day 2002 as the Elephants have trampled out the jack-asses of government riding on the coat tails of President Bush.  Bush wins everything yet the Knicks haven't won a game yet.

Till next Monday without Rich and without Dave, if we find a drummer.