Smash Studios B


Back at Smash Studio's B with MiniT where we were hot and cold.

We were back in frigid Smash Studio's after missing two weeks because we played the two drummer setup at Caroll's with Coffee-Boy.  Anyway, we didn't have Coffee-Boy this week so we fit once again into Studio B of Smash Studio's.  We had no guests show up but Mini-T was there to sing her heart out to us.  It was really cold in the room, it was like 20 degrees outside and just a few degrees warmer in the studio.  It has giant drafty windows and all I had was a tee-Shirt and I was cold.

Dave showed off his new Franklin's while Andy showed off his new Ibanez Musician Jerry Garcia Guitar.  A ton of wood and a ton of fun.  Had a good recording setup as I miced each and every drum for the first time ever.  I'll be interested to hear how that sounds.  I was also able to track the keyboards in Stereo which I like.  The room is pretty Dead especially compared to Caroll's whose room is alive and a-washed with reverb.  I was great to hear terez with some of these Dead songs such as Black Peter and One More Staurday Night which she did so well on.

Till next Monday at Smash