Smash Studios R


A nice comfortable Monday night in Smash Studios R with MiniT.

In Smash Studio's R and we had a couple of guests so to speak.  One was Stu who showed up for the lates show as well did Fritz the Mad german Looper.  We had a really nice MiniT evening as she and Rich warmed up with some acoustic piano numbers with MiniT singing solo.  It was quite enjoyable to listen to as we set up.  If nothing else, I know Rich had to be loving it like there was no tomorrow.  he got his favorite singer with his favorite instrument without his least favorite musiciains. 

It was a good opportunity to get warmed up during a setup and the results hopefully speak for themselves.  Good playing good singing and good recording.  I even had a good C-5 at the Mex-Chinese place before hand.  Everything was beautiful in its own way.  Maybe next time you see me we'll do that, not a s a soundcheck but as a song.  It could never replace the Sing Karen sang, I mean Therese, that is still giving me goose bumps.  I love that stuff.  I can't wait for Yesterday Once More next week.  Sho-Be-Do My Way.

I good a good recording, probably even better than the week before.   I was able to mic every drum, get 3 vocal mics recorded, Trister hhas his Twin and even my Line6 piece of modelling crap sounded authetically modelled.  I even go a perfectly sounding good direct feed from kevin's amp in addition to the Senn 421 placed in front of it.

It was a good recording night, a good playing night and best of yet, I was trying to set a good Carpenters example by eating before the jam, without throwing up.  If Karen only did that we might still be listening to her turn Burt Backarack tunes into gold.

Till next Monday at Smash I think.