Caroll's 41st Street


Back in Carroll's but with no Brotpen this week.

It was a late minute change in plans for this week.  We were scheduled to play on Thursday at Smash Studios in another bitch about Clay session, but due to family scheduling issues, Kevin made the change from Thursday at Smash to Monday at Carrolls.  It was a blessing in disguise cause Carrolls proved to be a lot of what we remembered we liked about it.  The unfortunate part is that Rich was not able to make it, so it was just the 4 of us without any keys.  Stu was good enough to show up as a guest for most of the jam.

Carroll's Studio 3 was not the one we reserved, but since their air conditioning broke on an unseasonably hot day, they put us in the big room on the 3rd floor.  While it looked like it was going to be boomy, it was.  The good thing is we played to the boominess and not over it.  Our playing was self contained and controlled and therefore the boomy issue never really materialized.  In the end we all really enjoyed the quality of everything  in the place.  The amp were top notch and so were the drums.  Even the PA sounded really good.  This all lead to some really good moments but nothing was totally flawless, but who cares.  We were loving it in a place that loved us loving it.  It was a night full of love and who could ask for anything more?

Kev, Coffee and I met for some Chinese appetizers before the jam and they were even good.  In addition, the soda machine next to the nice bathrooms on the 3rd floor served Coke.  There was no traffic getting into the place so we were there early and played up to 11:00.

Till next Tuesday, 6/1/04 at 7:00 pm in Carrolls.