Carroll's 55th Street


Big Night Of Music As We Keep Trucking' On

Got a quick posting in with the help of the fact that Kendall does most of the singing and I have no need to over-dub anything anymore. They music sounds great and speaks for itself for the most part. I also had this oil painting portrait oJerry all done and ready to use for this week's artwork. We started the night with 3 guitars. Alan left after the China Cat and Andy left after the Women Are Smarter. We finished with some obscure numbers that Kendall wanted to try. You got to love the drive. There were many new songs for her with us including the CC Rider, High Time, Women Are Smarter, Shining Star, Been All Around this World and Oh' the Wind and the Rain. That's a lot of new songs which were bolstered many other more well rehearsed numbers. Good stuff once again as has been the case for many weeks now. Keep it up and keep trucking' on.

Freak Out!