Carroll's 55th Street


Deadstein Keeps Rocking' The Freak World

First song of the night and Scott Bayer unplugs Rich's monitor during the end of the Bertha and is crawling around Kevin's feet to try to plug it back in. Kevin pushes him out of the way as he was a total disturbance. You can hear the whole thing at the end of the Bertha. Too bad cause it was a great feeling Bertha up to that moment. You would think that would slow us down, but with Lenny Kravitz jamming next door we had to keep up a good appearance. The Jack Star was such the makeup that we needed.Jed was nice and the Maggie's Farm definitely had a great skip to the beat. We were jamming on all cilinders. For the Hurts Me Too, we didn't have Alan's Harp Mic set up to record so the song is a bit hollow during that moment, but otherwise right on.

Kendall brought her guitar with her this jam, and though we didn't record it either, she managed to get a few things out including during the Birdsong. Actually at the very end of the night she managed to play and sing a Deep Eem, which we didn't record at all, because I was packing up. The Birdsong went in to a rip-roaring Music which felt like it was a set closer, but it was not to be, we had more to play. This included a lazy To Lay me Down and a Powerful Scarlet-->Fire One More Saturday Night I unfortunately ran out of disc space and the trio was cut during the middle of the Fire on the Mountain. That was too bad also. After the One More Saturday Night we took a set break, Alan Left and the Second Set Crew was there for a nice combo of Uncle Johns --> Crazy Fingers estimated --> Terrapin and back in Uncle John's. There was some nice jamming in there, it will be good to give a listen to. Andy's night ended with him singing a Black Muddy River to bid us good night. For the end of the night with me being the only guitar we quickly belted out the Harder They Come and the Tomes They re a Changin'. Never Got the One-On-One with Lenny but we had a great jam and that is what it is all about.

Freak Out!