Carroll's 55th Street


A Bunch of Happy Little Freaks

Alan was a late cancellation this jam, but we had everyone else for the whole night. It wasn't supposed to be that was as Rich had a gig scheduled which got cancelled. This enabled him to have a practice session before the jam with that ensemble and to get Kendall to practice with him. Poor Mark. In any case, we made it through our jam with energy almost to spare.

I tried a tricky transition to begin the night, Getaway into Saturday Night and it crashed and burned, but I stitched it together to give you and idea of what I wad going for. By the way, sorry for the rough mix, but I got it out quickly, without fussing and the music is probably good enough to stand without having to put lipstick on the Deadstein pig. Kendall continued to challenge herself by trying new songs including the Baby Blue, Tom Thumb Blues, Till the Morning Comes and Something. She event looks at previous set lists to figure out what songs she should be learning. That's dedication and we appreciate it and the results are in the MP3s, so give them a listen.

Freak Out!