Carroll's 55th Street


We Dwindle Down To More and the Jam Goes On

The whole band was there for the first set and Alan departed at the end of a pretty satisfying first set. Ending with the nice 40-minute combo jam to end the first set. Kendall's Dad had a little pizza pick-me-up for halftime and we were ready to go.

Kendall's been doing great challenging herself and us to try first-time songs on the fly and tonight included many. Some better than others but all better than ever before and only to get better. Lots of great moments through the night. Andy left after the Mission in the Rain which definitely had it' moments. The last four songs of the night, where I was the only guitarist felt a bit more intimate as the level of of level dropped. I do find it difficult at time changing my persona of playing from Bob to lead. On day, if I just painted a little less, Sound like next week we are Brotpen-less. so hold on. Whatever that means. Deadstein Boogie, Freak Out.