Carroll's 55th Street


Freak On Freakin' On

This week we were all there for the first set including Kendall and Mark for logistical support. Alan left at halftime after a very nice first set and then Andy stayed for the 4-song medley to begin the second set and then bolted. For the last 3 songs I was the only guitarist, how things get small so quickly and we ended with some great attempts including the I'll be With Thee. While we didn't quite get the groove it had some real authentic types of moments. Like much of the recent Kendall era, there is lots of great stuff on these recordings including several new songs to Kendall including the Touch of Grey, I'll Be With Thee, Jack-A-Roe, Mountains of the Moon and Masterpiece. The continual expansion of the repertoire is a great thing and it is amazing how it keeps growing week in and week out - Freak In and ...

Freak Out!

I did a super quick mix and I am hoping the quick turn around is worth the slight degradation in the over all shine on the recordings.