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Deadstein Plays the Great Richmond 11-1-85 Show

This being the 31st anniversary of the Richmond Coliseum, VA show from 11-1-1985, Deadstein decided to try to tackle this epic show. For a sound check Kevin, Scott, Alan and I played a one more Saturday Night While Waiting For Andy and Rich to arrive. Everything sounded good and they got set up and we embarked upon the show. Alan stayed through the end of the show's first set, Don't Ease me In.

Chicago won their first world series since 1908 so it was apprpos that we had a Dancing in the Street opener since there were definitely dancing in Chicago and Deadstein was dancing in new York City. I liked the A mixolydian harmonies I was getting in the Dancing', something new that feels so right that I was playing with and it went into a Cold Rain which had a very authentic groove to it. The whole night did. Playing a show give us that focus to play in a certain style and commands discipline. Uncle River was about as good as we could play it and we keep improving on the cowboy tunes. Some really nice work, we only lost it a bit in the second verse of the Big River. Jack Straw before a Don't Ease Me In a a great closer to a bigger and better first set than I ever give it credit for, because it is so over-shadowed by the epic second set.

There are so many great things about this second set, the fact that it has 4 big Jerry Ballads in the High Time, He's Gone, Comes a Time, all three before drums may I remind you, and the She Belongs to Me After drums. Coupled with a Samson and Spoonful and the unique Lost Sailor Drums --> Space Saint of Circumstance, and you have the makings of a epic set. Top it if with a Gloria for the ages and it makes a worthy contender to play 31 years later. Both Trister and I were at those shows and the Gloria to end the second set was special. It's funny how it has a reference to this woman running for President, which at the time knee-jerked me into an off-script political rant/vamp, which I quickly pivoted for the sake of harmony. You can't spell Gloria and Hiliary at the same time. Great stuff.

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