Carroll's 55th Street


Young Kendall Sings Up a Storm With Deadstein

Wow, sometimes you never know what gonna happen. I forgot Trister invited his friend Mark's daughter, Kendall, to play and sing with us until he emailed reminding us to get an additional amp and monitor for them. Being very young, maybe even younger than a so-called millenial, I am amazed at the extent of her knowledge of the Grateful Dead. She was calling for songs like Viola Lee, which you will hear Deadstein doesn't know how to play and even the Garcia Band songs like Don't Let Go. I can't say we picked u any ohs her guitar playing , but her singing was a nice little tour-de-force in consideration of the fact it was her first time singing into a microphone or with a band. Kudos for her because Deadstein is a tough band to play with; and she did great.

We opened with a cool little jam to open the night and do a sound check, Andy wasn't there yet, but it got the recording set. After Andy arrived we played a Shakedown and Promised Land as a nice opener. We sounded good, feeling good on the positivity of last week's great Richmond jam. Kendall and Mark next arrived and we chose songs in consideration of the new ensemble. The Viola wasn't done with the gusto it needs but we rectified it for much of the rest of the night. We crashed and burned during a Morning Dew, but otherwise there was good stuff. We pulled off a great Son of a Preacher Man in a Don't Let Go and the Jack Straw was a powerful onslaught.

Making America Grateful Again