Smash Studios A


Surviving a poisonous atmosphere in Studio A.

Well, back in Studio A on a Thursday nights and you knew things would stink when you don't even want to eat in the Fresco Taco cause of the smell.  Then we got to Studio A and Clay and his idiotic cronies decided it was a good time to clean the wood floor in Studio A with a strong volatile organic compound solvent.  Considering the studio has virtually no ventilation, this was stupid.  Even stupider was the fact that we accepted the situation and stayed in the poisonous room.  It didn't make anyone feel good about jam or even breathing, but we made the best of it.

Trister showed up after Rich and I tried to play to songs and things kept improving as the night went on.  Actually ending on a high note, the Good Night Irene which was pretty well done when it usually is done too well.

The return of the old shitty Fender Twin haunted Trister all night as that amp is almost as bad as anyone I would use.  I was stuck using the Marshall cause the Line 6 I used to use is not longer in working condition.  Kevin had a different bass cabinet and he never did get around to combine the two cabinets that were present in the room.

Coffee-Boy recorded on his Archos but at a different bit depth rate that last week, so I am eager to see how things turned out.

I ate a C5 from the Fresco Taco with Kevin and Mitch.  It was a beautiful day outside so we ate the food on the roof.  On the roof a photo shoot for a calendar displaying 18 members of an all girl accordion band was being shot.  A pretty interesting concept.  The Mets just won 4 in a row, sweeping the Giants and tonight was the final episode of Friends.  On the terror front the US is scrambling to apologize to the so called torture of Iraqi prisoners.

Till next Thursday, 5/6/04 at 6:00 pm in Studio A.