Smash Studios A


Playing old songs in tribute to April 26.

Well, we were back in Studio A for the 6-12 slot and we got going just after 7 and ended just before 11 for a full night of music.  While not technically a list, Rich brought in choice song selections from 4/26/69 and 4/26/71 and we played exclusively old times songs except for the When Push Comes To Shove.  It was just us core Deadstein members in the studio with no guests.  Coffee-Boy decided to alter his recording methodology to include the use of this hard disk, MP3 player/recorder.  This should hopefully make his life easier with respect to recording and distributing the music.  In addition, he used his mini-disk as a backup - redundant recording setup which was wise because it didn't work throughout the whole night.

Since we were doing lots of the early time Dead songs, there were several moments that we were not intimately familiar with but we did well for the most part.  I thought the Mountains of the Moon was particularly good.  We tried a China Cat --> Doin that Rag, but the Doin' that Rag should have been call Not Doin that Rag cause we didn't.  Baby Blue, Hurts Me Too and Minglewood were all food.  The Playing was nice and spacey and it went into a Morning Dew which at times felt like it might not make it but in the end turned out to be a very big and and exciting build up, like a Morning Dew is supposed to be played. The April Fools Imagine consisted of me on piano, Andy on drums and Rich on Guitar.

For the second set we opened up with a Bertha which was hot but Trister busted a string during it so it was all it could have been.  The That's it for the Other O, Cryptical Me and My Uncle was no good until after the  the Me and My Uncle cause out timing was no good and we had no Other One feel.  After the Me and My Uncle the whole thing shot back into shape and was good.  The closing of the That's It for the Other One was especially nice.  High Time was well done and Push Comes to Shove was just out of place but a hot number never the less.

I ate a C5 from the Fresco Taco with Kevin and Mitch.  It was a rainy Monday with little traffic and cheap parking, $10 ant my lot.  The Giant's just drafted Eli Manning so it looks like the Kerry Collins era is over.  The Nets swept the Knicks in the first round of the NBA playoffs and the the Yankees and their $185 million payroll got swept by the Redsox in Yankee Stadium over the weekend.

Till next Thursday, 5/6/04 at 6:00 pm in Studio A.