Carroll's 55th Street


Day After Jerry's Birthday We Have Trsiter for Week 5

This was the fifth week in a row where we were lucky enough to have Andy Trister join us for our weekly jam. It was the day after Jerry's birthday and the week of the Days Between Commemoration and as always, Captain Trips was on our minds.

Additionally this was also the fifth week in a row without a repeat from Andy so we were kind of scraping from the bottom of the barrel for songs, as most of the beefier tunes had already been played. That's okay as it gets you to play some of those numbers that just don't seem to get selected all that often. While there wasn't too much free form jamming this week due to the song selection, it still proved to be quite acceptable. Looks like we get week six in a row with Andy on his birthday and the second jam in the Days Between. Look for more great Jerry action.

Making America Grateful Again