Carroll's 55th Street


Deadstein Trying To Get Funky

Just Me, Kevin Alan, Scott and Rich for the first set and Aland left for set 2 leaving the Core-4 to prevail. We tried Play That Funky Music to start Set Two, first with a little backing groove and then with just the 4 of us. We are white and funk may not be in our DNA, but we gave it the old Deadstein try. It's the first time we or I have ever played that song, so it was lots of fun. The first set was pretty big. Anchored by the Trucking' Dark Star Music Never Stopped combination. I did a really quick mix on this as I have to get out and away for the 4th of July weekend. I will get the Play That Funky Music posted when I get back.

Loving our Independence as just declared by Great Britain this week with their own BRExit Declaration and looking forward to Making America Grateful Again